Primary Schools (Key Stage 2) in Consett

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The tables below show achievement for pupils aged 11 and progress pupils have made between ages 7 and 11.

Key Stage 2 Achievement 2014

School Pupils Level 4 achievement Level 5 achievement Points score
Abbey Junior36293%48%31.0
Academy 36080171%4%26.0
Albany Village Primary23960%0%26.6
All Saints' Catholic Primary147100%39%31.3
Alston Primary10265%35%28.6
Amberley Primary40879%17%28.3
Annfield Plain Junior12188%20%28.9
Ash Trees1230%0%14.3
Ash TreesNEW
Ashington Hirst Park Middle35086%26%29.6
Ashley Primary46573%12%27.9
Aycliffe Village Primary13676%18%29.3
Backworth Park Primary1250%0%NA
Bailey Green Primary45379%26%29.5
Balliol Primary14754%8%26.2
Barley Mow Primary22870%9%26.5
Barmston Village Primary23388%19%28.8
Barnard Grove Primary36074%12%28.0
Barnes Junior28973%37%28.9
Barnwell Primary27097%33%30.4
Battle Hill Primary37887%27%29.4
Beacon Hill1360%0%12.3
Beaconhill Community Primary22992%19%29.1
Beamish Primary83SUPPSUPPSUPP
Bearpark Primary7373%0%26.0
Bede Academy176584%23%29.9
Bede Burn Primary20387%37%30.6
Bede Community Primary15775%25%29.0
Bedlington Station Primary21976%24%29.4
Beech Hill Primary39789%20%29.5
Belmont Cheveley Park Primary13488%38%30.2
Belmont C of E (Controlled) Junior16085%13%28.3
Benfieldside Primary28873%12%28.4
Benton Dene Primary47093%40%30.7
Benton Dene1060%0%15.3
Benton Park Primary34387%29%29.7
Bernard Gilpin Primary31489%32%30.2
Bexhill Academy38156%11%25.3
Biddick Hall Junior21396%31%30.1
Biddick Primary29567%23%28.9
Bill Quay Primary20288%28%29.3
Birtley East Community Primary22483%22%29.3
Bishop Ian Ramsey C of E Primary187100%33%30.2
Bishopton Redmarshall C of E Primary11088%50%30.8
Blackfell Primary22890%27%29.4
Blackhall Colliery Primary24967%3%27.3
Blaydon West Primary13670%15%27.6
Blessed John Duckett RC Primary9380%20%28.1
Bloemfontein Primary12488%25%30.5
Blue Coat C of E (Aided) Junior22483%23%30.2
Bothal Middle44288%26%29.7
Bournmoor Primary11069%15%27.2
Bowburn Junior16679%23%29.0
Bowes Hutchinson's C of E (Aided)38SUPPSUPPSUPP
Brandling Primary110100%8%30.1
Brandon Primary34667%20%28.0
Bridgewater Primary25687%7%28.0
Brighton Avenue Primary25885%25%28.8
Broadway Junior25579%13%28.4
Broadwood Primary27985%11%28.1
Broom Cottages Primary31074%10%27.5
Brougham Primary304100%48%31.5
Browney Primary AcademyNEW
Browney Primary8873%27%28.6
Bullion Lane Primary31192%25%29.5
Burnhope Primary7256%11%25.2
Burnopfield Primary36792%47%31.1
Burnside Primary16683%26%28.9
Burnside Primary418100%43%31.2
Burradon Community Primary17994%24%30.1
Butterknowle Primary3380%20%28.1
Byerley Park Primary21390%26%30.0
Byers Green Primary8882%12%28.5
Byker Primary34572%5%28.3
Caedmon Community Primary25575%7%28.0
Cambois Primary64SUPPSUPPSUPP
Canning Street Primary48384%20%27.7
Carr Hill Community Primary34477%21%28.2
Carville Primary17178%17%26.8
Cassop Primary12862%15%27.1
Castleside Primary11572%17%28.1
Castletown Primary38671%21%28.1
Catchgate Primary29988%24%29.1
Central Walker C of E Primary36176%29%29.0
Cestria Primary42197%47%31.5
Chester-le-Street C of E (Controlled) Junior20288%16%28.9
Cheviot Primary18780%5%27.7
Chillingham Road Primary21672%16%28.1
Chilton Primary33087%20%29.2
Choppington Primary84
Chopwell Primary21874%26%28.5
Christ Church C of E Primary104100%33%30.5
Christ Church C of E Primary18486%10%28.6
Clavering Primary38695%31%30.3
Cleadon Village C of E VA Primary42497%52%31.6
Cleaswell Hill1490%0%15.3
Cleves Cross Primary20580%7%28.6
Clover Hill Community Primary211100%45%31.4
Cockerton C of E Primary20993%33%30.4
Cockfield Primary11280%13%28.3
Cockton Hill Junior23980%25%28.5
Colegate Community Primary26956%3%25.3
Collierley Primary16177%15%29.5
Collingwood Primary36081%12%28.0
Collingwood & Media Arts College129SUPPSUPPSUPP
Columbia Grange810%0%12.0
Consett Junior18367%16%27.8
Copeland Road Primary14768%21%27.6
Corbridge Middle31185%18%28.9
Corporation Road Community Primary33276%7%27.4
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary21684%16%27.8
Cotherstone Primary4386%57%31.1
Cotsford Junior13374%16%28.3
Coxhoe Primary23781%36%30.1
Cragside C of E Controlled Primary35684%26%29.6
Cragside Primary41493%38%31.3
Cramlington Eastlea Primary21587%20%29.1
Cramlington Northburn Primary36382%34%30.1
Cramlington Shanklea Primary37781%25%28.8
Cramlington Village Primary54
Croftway Primary Academy45374%17%28.0
Crook Primary37383%11%28.0
Crookhill Community Primary15785%23%27.7
Crooksbarn Primary30773%7%28.5
Cullercoats Primary40976%28%29.7
Dame Dorothy Primary22393%26%30.2
Deaf Hill Primary17796%17%29.4
Dean Bank Primary and Nursery17494%22%28.8
Delves Lane Primary14376%21%28.1
Denbigh Community Primary386NANANA
Dene House Primary29470%9%27.0
Diamond Hall Junior31667%16%28.0
Dubmire Primary52166%8%27.7
Dunn Street Primary13278%0%27.6
Dunston Hill Community Primary46184%34%29.6
Durham Gilesgate Primary19860%13%26.7
Durham Trinity & Sports College1890%0%12.7
Easington C of E Primary11875%13%28.3
Easington Colliery Primary44182%21%28.9
Easington Lane Primary26772%7%27.9
East Boldon Junior23695%41%31.2
East Rainton Primary12487%20%29.5
East Stanley23769%23%27.8
Ebchester C of E Primary7589%33%30.5
Edmondsley Primary18678%50%29.7
Eldon Grove Academy47787%37%29.8
Emmanuel College125340%0%24.4
Emmaville Primary28093%23%29.9
English Martyrs' RC Primary46875%19%28.1
English Martyrs' RC Primary21464%21%27.2
Epinay Business and Enterprise1130%0%14.4
Eppleby Forcett C of E Primary25SUPPSUPPSUPP
Escomb Primary19177%31%30.5
Esh C of E (Aided) Primary9473%20%28.8
Esh Winning Primary23981%24%28.9
Eslington Primary310%0%22.3
Etherley Lane Primary29389%38%30.3
Evenwood C of E Primary9890%20%29.1
Evergreen Primary1640%0%14.4
Falla Park Community Primary24181%14%27.9
Farne Primary25196%24%30.4
Farringdon Academy36667%10%26.7
Fatfield Primary22968%18%27.4
Fell Dyke Community Primary29779%13%27.9
Fellgate Primary14346%8%23.7
Fellside Community Primary26293%47%31.9
Ferryhill Station Primary8182%27%29.3
Finchale Primary18174%16%28.8
Fishburn Primary21088%20%28.7
Fordley Community Primary33383%15%28.5
Forest Hall Primary22780%10%28.6
Forest of Teesdale Primary20SUPPSUPPSUPP
Forest View Primary30170%7%26.8
Framwellgate Moor Primary29490%32%30.4
Front Street Community Primary43788%29%29.8
Frosterley Community5891%27%29.9
Fulwell Junior32791%46%30.4
Gainford C of E Primary9361%17%27.5
George Washington Primary40872%12%27.4
Gillas Lane Primary13073%27%28.4
Glynwood Community Primary26796%27%29.7
Gosforth Central Middle50676%25%29.3
Gosforth East Middle47773%26%28.8
Gosforth Junior High Academy48075%21%28.9
Grange Park Primary205100%45%31.2
Grangetown Primary25273%13%27.0
Grasmere Academy10657%7%25.2
Green Lane C of E Controlled Primary20794%39%30.8
Greenfields Community Primary36189%24%29.9
Greenland Community Primary21496%20%29.2
Greenside Primary17994%13%29.0
Grindon Hall Christian54077%8%28.4
Guide Post Middle26760%11%26.6
Guide Post Ringway First112
Hadrian Park Primary34573%16%28.0
Hadrian Primary30877%19%28.6
Hamsterley Primary30SUPPSUPPSUPP
Hare Law930%0%12.5
Hareside Primary49184%33%29.7
Harlow Green Community Primary38286%19%28.4
Harrow Gate Primary45266%10%27.2
Harrowgate Hill Primary63881%16%28.9
Hart Primary9483%25%28.5
Harton Primary70684%20%29.1
Hartside Primary20060%4%26.5
Hawthorn Primary20473%9%27.5
Hazlewood Community Primary16771%12%27.7
Hebburn Lakes Primary414NANANA
Hedworth Lane Primary30265%23%27.6
Hedworthfield Primary25281%7%28.2
Heighington C of E Primary27697%46%31.7
Henshaw C of E First36
Hesleden Primary12884%37%30.0
Hetton Lyons Primary43087%34%30.0
Hetton Primary11982%24%28.9
Hexham Middle47786%36%30.0
High Coniscliffe C of E Primary10894%19%30.0
High Spen Primary17589%16%29.4
Highfield Community Primary39674%8%27.3
Highfield Community Primary13380%13%27.6
Highfield Middle41079%19%29.1
Hill View Junior42090%37%30.5
Holy Cross RC Primary Aided24272%8%27.5
Holy Family RC Primary20793%30%30.1
Holy Trinity C of E VA Primary22877%4%28.0
Holystone Primary48393%30%29.9
Horton Grange Primary39291%16%28.8
Hotspur Primary43480%15%27.8
Howden-le-Wear Primary87100%31%31.8
Howletch Lane Primary44486%24%29.9
Hudson Road Primary29268%14%27.8
Hunwick Primary17790%30%30.4
Hutton Henry C of E (Controlled) Primary45100%17%28.8
Hylton Castle Primary27174%9%28.2
Ingleton C of E Primary7886%29%29.6
Ivy Road Primary18171%12%27.7
Jarrow Cross C of E Primary22377%13%28.1
Jesmond Gardens Community Primary34782%26%29.3
John F Kennedy Primary46080%29%29.0
Keelman's Way1020%0%12.0
Kelloe Primary16683%17%28.9
Kells Lane Primary41694%30%30.1
Kelvin Grove Community Primary31477%27%29.6
Kenton Bar Primary30169%10%27.2
King Edward Primary45280%38%29.5
King Street Primary19979%11%27.4
Kingsley Primary50388%22%29.4
Kingston Park Primary45492%28%30.6
Kirk Merrington Primary10383%25%28.1
Knop Law Primary408100%56%32.5
Lambton Primary28086%38%30.9
Lanchester Endowed Parochial Primary3390%0%NA
Langley Moor Primary20376%20%28.9
Langley Park Primary20772%19%27.0
Larkspur Community Primary18776%10%28.1
Laurel Avenue Community Primary11454%0%25.8
Laygate Community22981%6%28.0
Leadgate Community Junior9554%18%27.9
Lemington Riverside Primary156100%20%29.3
Lingey House Primary40187%15%29.2
Lobley Hill Primary42957%19%27.5
Lord Blyton Primary12881%29%29.1
Ludworth Primary8964%0%26.3
Lumley Junior13788%28%29.7
Lynnfield Primary38543%10%25.7
Malvin's Close Primary461NANANA
Marden Bridge Middle45972%25%28.2
Marine Park Primary21688%17%29.4
Marlborough Primary19458%12%26.4
Marsden Primary23084%20%30.3
Melsonby Methodist Primary52SUPPSUPPSUPP
Middlestone Moor Primary26659%7%26.6
Middleton-in-Teesdale Nursery and Primary14387%7%29.1
Milecastle Primary24786%31%29.6
Mill Hill Primary36683%17%29.0
Monkhouse Primary20280%16%29.3
Monkseaton Middle32369%19%27.2
Montalbo Primary109100%42%31.0
Moorside Community Primary48078%12%27.4
Moorside Primary14463%5%26.2
Morpeth Road Primary36775%2%27.4
Mortimer Primary64285%32%29.9
Mount Pleasant Primary29384%24%28.9
Mountfield Primary20478%9%26.7
Mowbray First268
Nenthead Primary22SUPPSUPPSUPP
Nettlesworth Primary78100%33%30.4
Neville's Cross Primary24085%30%29.8
New Brancepeth Primary12993%20%30.8
New Delaval Primary21368%7%27.0
New Seaham Primary26391%34%30.9
New Silksworth Junior23577%25%29.1
New York Primary27492%25%31.1
Newbottle Primary46284%21%29.0
Newbrough C of E Primary64
Newburn Manor Primary19993%13%29.2
Newker Primary48583%23%29.5
Newsham Primary44880%22%29.0
North Fawdon Primary18167%8%26.1
North Park Primary23270%13%26.6
North View6526%0%21.6
Northumberland C of E Academy249882%8%27.9
Northwood Primary45864%14%27.4
Oakfield Junior23886%45%30.8
Oakley Cross Primary and Nursery15985%0%27.5
Our Lady and St Anne's RC Primary24583%17%28.0
Our Lady and St Joseph's RC Primary, Brooms11682%18%28.4
Our Lady and St Thomas RC Primary12295%42%30.7
Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary13076%12%27.8
Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary RC Primary19892%28%29.8
Our Lady of the Rosary RC Primary32482%34%29.1
Our Lady Queen of Martyrs RC Primary, Newhouse9792%15%29.1
Our Lady Queen of Peace RC Primary26694%39%30.2
Our Lady Star of the Sea RC Primary10092%25%29.6
Ouston Primary25072%14%28.2
Ovingham Middle36284%39%30.1
Ox Close Primary26088%44%30.4
Oxclose Primary AcademyNEW
Oxclose Village Primary21679%10%28.3
Parkhead Community Primary34778%20%28.2
Peases West Primary12680%7%27.2
Pelton Community Primary34769%18%28.0
Percy Main Primary22575%4%28.4
Pittington Primary22491%43%31.3
Ponteland Middle55887%43%31.0
Portobello Primary20987%40%30.2
Preston Grange Primary20581%23%29.1
Prince Bishops Community Primary18587%13%28.7
Prior's Mill C of E Controlled Primary, Billingham53187%22%29.2
Ramshaw Primary7267%33%26.5
Ravenswood Primary59994%31%30.4
Ravensworth C of E Primary64100%0%29.5
Ravensworth Terrace Primary20688%38%30.4
Red Hall Primary21489%16%29.2
Red Rose Primary24997%32%31.5
Redby Primary41180%22%29.0
Redesdale Primary26365%18%27.2
Reid Street Primary41495%32%29.9
Richard Avenue Primary44876%22%28.4
Richard Coates C of E Middle44875%27%28.7
Richardson Dees Primary24572%14%28.0
Rickleton Primary46280%32%28.9
Rift House Primary21878%17%27.5
Riverside Primary18076%18%28.2
Roman Road Primary17290%40%31.1
Rookhope Primary12
Ropery Walk Primary22385%11%28.4
Rosa Street Primary22378%3%27.6
Rosa Street PrimaryNEW
Roseberry Primary and Nursery17079%21%28.2
Rosebrook Primary47563%11%26.7
Rossmere Primary37373%18%27.9
Rowlands Gill Community Primary34090%56%30.9
Ryhope Junior20488%25%30.1
Ryton Junior20488%35%29.8
Sacred Heart RC Primary46490%31%31.2
Sacred Heart RC Primary20893%37%30.1
Sacred Heart RC Primary10088%38%30.6
Sacriston Junior15853%0%25.4
Sea View Primary37586%17%29.0
Seaburn Dene Primary18992%25%29.9
Seaham Trinity Primary41082%21%30.5
Seascape Primary29075%11%27.5
Seaton Sluice Middle28893%24%29.4
Seaview Primary29276%24%27.6
Sedgefield Hardwick Primary22694%53%31.2
Sedgefield Primary20287%42%30.9
Sherburn Hill Primary5367%0%26.3
Sherburn Village Primary16070%15%27.5
Shield Row Primary18471%14%27.3
Shincliffe C of E (Controlled) Primary21593%37%30.9
Shiney Row Primary31081%30%28.9
Shiremoor Primary39780%10%27.0
Shotley Bridge Junior15180%37%29.1
Shotton Hall Primary33867%10%28.3
Shotton Primary39970%15%28.3
Silver Tree Primary17956%6%26.1
Simonside Primary19969%6%28.5
Simonside Primary18374%11%27.8
South Hetton Primary26184%16%28.1
South Hylton Primary26280%16%27.6
South Stanley Junior15262%10%26.9
South Street Community Primary29474%10%29.9
Southwick Community Primary37058%7%25.8
Spring Gardens Primary45191%26%29.6
Springwell Village Primary21876%20%28.9
SS Peter and Paul RC Primary24270%11%27.7
St Agnes' Catholic Primary20776%38%30.4
St Aidan's C of E Primary21783%26%31.0
St Alban's Catholic Primary25277%30%29.0
St Alban's RC Primary23586%24%29.7
St Aloysius' RC Junior23582%23%29.3
St Andrew's Primary11675%8%27.5
St Anne's Catholic Primary16152%14%27.0
St Anne's C of E Primary21293%31%29.9
St Anne's RC Primary23089%39%30.4
St Augustine's RC Primary20790%38%30.3
St Augustine's RC Primary35793%36%31.2
St Bartholomew's C of E Primary (Aided)20188%38%29.4
St Bede's RC Primary213100%33%30.7
St Bede's RC Primary, Jarrow20186%14%29.3
St Bede's RC Primary, South Shields23487%26%30.0
St Bede's RC Primary25159%10%26.4
St Bede's RC Primary23184%35%29.6
St Bede's RC Primary, Sacriston7667%22%27.7
St Benedict's RC Middle21675%23%29.0
St Benet's RC Primary25289%61%31.6
St Benet's RC Primary35279%28%29.0
St Bernadettes RC Primary Aided36887%20%29.9
St Catherine's RC Primary22876%20%28.1
St Chad's RC Primary95100%40%30.4
St Charles' RC Primary20681%35%30.1
St Charles' RC Primary20487%27%30.5
St Columbas RC Primary Aided26287%27%29.4
St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary25690%26%29.8
St Cuthbert's RC Primary146100%47%31.4
St Cuthbert's RC Primary25283%27%30.3
St Cuthbert's RC Primary19390%37%31.5
St Cuthbert's RC Primary, New Seaham207100%23%31.0
St Cuthberts RC Primary Aided21889%21%28.8
St Cuthberts RC Primary22868%21%28.2
St Francis C of E Aided Junior12070%19%28.6
St George's RC Primary9673%18%29.0
St Godric's RC Primary, Durham208100%45%31.5
St Godric's RC Primary, Thornley10493%43%30.9
St Gregory's Catholic Primary27652%15%26.6
St Gregory's RC Primary21487%33%29.8
St Helen Auckland Community Primary16678%6%27.2
St Hild's College C of E Aided Primary, Durham21689%11%29.2
St James' RC Primary19883%17%29.0
St John Bosco RC Primary19992%28%30.2
St John Boste RC Primary19388%20%30.2
St John Vianney RC Primary246100%30%32.0
St John Vianney RC Primary251100%48%31.9
St John's Chapel Primary4375%0%27.8
St John's C of E Aided Primary, Shildon24288%27%29.5
St Johns Primary22775%21%28.6
St Joseph's Catholic Junior, Birtley11493%38%31.2
St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Blaydon21180%23%29.1
St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Murton12194%29%30.5
St Joseph's RC Primary21467%7%26.4
St Joseph's RC Primary20579%39%28.8
St Joseph's RC Middle33883%40%30.2
St Joseph's RC Primary, Blackhall6880%20%28.7
St Joseph's RC Primary, Coundon13193%20%30.4
St Joseph's RC Primary, Durham12382%24%29.6
St Joseph's RC Primary, Gateshead19576%24%28.7
St Joseph's RC Primary, Highfield12764%14%27.5
St Joseph's RC Primary, Newton Aycliffe18653%5%27.1
St Joseph's RC Primary, Stanley19988%32%29.5
St Joseph's RC Primary, Sunderland28092%44%31.1
St Joseph's RC Primary, Ushaw Moor10164%36%28.6
St Joseph's Washington RC22782%25%29.0
St Josephs RC Primary Aided34773%16%28.1
St Lawrence's RC Primary20569%24%27.5
St Leonard's RC Primary19889%11%27.7
St Margaret's C of E Primary38898%43%31.9
St Mark's RC Primary19883%10%28.4
St Mary and St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary24896%50%31.2
St Mary Magdalen's RC Primary, Seaham23181%16%28.5
St Mary's RC Primary25565%4%28.4
St Mary's RC Primary20796%38%30.8
St Mary's RC Primary46992%32%30.3
St Mary's RC Primary, Barnard Castle95100%25%30.9
St Mary's RC Primary, Blackhill21488%27%29.4
St Mary's RC Primary, Newton Aycliffe18184%11%28.7
St Mary's RC Primary, South Moor11585%15%29.1
St Mary's RC Primary, Wingate6170%0%24.6
St Marys RC Primary Aided25887%48%31.5
St Marys RC Primary Aided15688%13%28.8
St Matthew's Catholic Primary11283%67%31.5
St Matthew's RC Primary20890%10%28.4
St Michael's C of E Primary10394%25%30.1
St Michael's RC Primary22470%7%28.1
St Michael's RC Primary20797%50%31.2
St Michael's RC Primary, Esh Laude165100%30%30.5
St Oswald's C of E Aided Junior and Nursery, Durham138
St Oswald's C of E Aided Primary21678%13%28.3
St Oswald's RC Primary208100%66%32.9
St Oswald's RC Primary23072%14%28.2
St Oswald's RC Primary24188%16%28.9
St Patrick's RC Primary12273%9%26.6
St Patrick's RC Primary, Consett43675%23%29.0
St Patrick's RC Primary, Dipton17489%33%29.7
St Patrick's RC Primary, Langley Moor8457%0%27.2
St Paul's C of E Primary22396%37%30.7
St Paul's C of E Primary26285%24%28.8
St Paul's RC Primary236100%50%32.1
St Peter's Elwick C of E Primary10075%25%29.5
St Peter's RC Middle10294%12%28.9
St Peter's RC Primary21090%48%31.1
St Philip Neri RC Primary13095%25%30.6
St Pius X RC Primary9558%25%26.8
St Stephen's C of E Primary241100%32%30.9
St Stephens RC Primary Aided21785%30%29.9
St Teresa's Catholic Primary22191%47%30.3
St Teresa's RC Primary32994%30%30.2
St Thomas More RC Primary11267%20%28.3
St Vincent's RC Primary18068%21%28.0
St Wilfrid's RC Primary22876%28%28.7
St Wilfrid's RC Primary11071%7%26.6
St Wilfrid's RC Primary31590%17%29.7
St William's RC Primary11290%30%30.0
Staindrop C of E (Controlled) Primary18092%42%30.9
Stakeford First126
Stanhope Barrington C of E Primary12493%36%29.9
Stanhope Primary23568%14%27.7
Stanley (Crook) Primary9582%45%32.0
Stanley Burnside Primary20966%21%28.1
Star of the Sea RC VA Primary45593%41%30.6
Startforth Morritt Memorial C of E Primary5886%14%27.4
Stead Lane Primary24478%30%28.0
Stephenson Memorial Primary40783%7%27.9
Stocksfield Avenue Primary47190%28%29.3
Sugar Hill Primary45782%23%28.9
Sunnybrow Primary79100%33%31.3
Swalwell Primary18078%22%27.2
Tanfield Lea Community Primary25182%32%29.2
The Dales730%0%13.8
The Drive Community Primary20683%22%28.3
The Glebe Primary34879%18%29.1
The Grove Primary18285%0%27.3
The Sacriston Primary177
Thomas Bewick1440%0%13.5
Thomas Walling Primary41453%0%27.5
Thorney Close Primary26677%26%28.8
Thornhill Primary20697%63%32.7
Thornley Primary186100%30%30.5
Throckley Primary24691%28%29.5
Throston Primary47585%15%29.0
Timothy Hackworth Primary45477%8%27.8
Toft Hill Primary16092%50%30.1
Toner Avenue Primary27368%18%27.6
Tow Law Millennium Primary8989%33%30.2
Town End Academy23295%19%29.6
Trimdon Junior16867%18%28.0
Tyneview Primary23680%10%27.5
Usworth Colliery Primary39175%27%28.7
Valley Gardens Middle72486%32%30.1
Valley Road Community Primary42880%18%28.1
Valley View Primary28180%17%29.4
Vane Road Primary33074%18%28.7
Walbottle Village Primary160100%26%31.5
Walkergate Primary55972%12%27.9
Wallsend Jubilee Primary36777%14%27.8
Wallsend St Peter's C of E Aided Primary22688%27%29.4
Wardley Primary31578%10%28.4
Washingwell Community Primary18069%8%26.2
Waterville Primary22085%22%29.2
Waverley Primary30489%31%29.5
Wearhead Primary17SUPPSUPPSUPP
Welbeck Academy37067%8%26.8
Wellfield Middle30079%18%29.5
Wessington Primary24263%13%26.4
West Boldon Primary27953%8%26.6
West Denton Primary32082%23%28.6
West Jesmond Primary58092%39%31.1
West Park Academy47483%28%29.6
West Park Primary34793%45%31.2
West Pelton Primary54SUPPSUPPSUPP
West Rainton Primary13091%27%28.6
West View Primary40082%7%28.8
West Walker Primary21877%3%26.4
Westerhope Primary45682%24%29.2
Western Community Primary46385%20%29.3
Westgate Hill Primary53254%0%25.1
Westlea Primary28763%7%26.0
Westmoor Primary35777%16%27.8
Westoe Crown Primary67180%20%28.7
Wheatley Hill Community Primary19779%11%28.3
Whickham Parochial C of E Primary21097%31%31.0
Whinfield Primary62289%24%29.5
Whitburn Village Primary26372%14%28.3
White Mere Community Primary17675%25%27.6
Whitehouse Primary17176%5%24.8
Whytrig Community Middle18184%19%28.8
William Cassidi C of E Aided Primary21193%30%30.9
Willington Primary24328%0%24.2
Willow Fields Community Primary15286%9%27.1
Windy Nook Primary34377%30%28.5
Wingate Junior17094%26%29.7
Wingrove Primary46772%8%26.5
Winlaton West Lane Community Primary32866%14%28.1
Witton Gilbert Primary17985%27%29.7
Witton-le-Wear Primary9588%13%27.9
Wolsingham Primary24681%22%29.7
Wolviston Primary135100%38%32.0
Woodham Burn Community Primary22981%24%29.0
Woodhouse Community Primary20758%13%27.5
Woodland Primary50SUPPSUPPSUPP
Woodlea Primary24279%30%30.1
Wyndham Primary21773%15%28.0
Yohden Primary16885%15%28.6


  • Pupils: pupils eligibile for Key Stage 2 assessment - this number includes pupils absent or unable to access the tests
  • Level 4: percentage of pupils achieving Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths. Most 11 year olds are expected to achieve at least Level 4 by the end of KS2
  • Level 5: percentage of pupils achieving Level 5 or above in reading, writing and maths - this is above the expected level for most pupils

Includes data supplied by Department for Education 2010-14

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